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Private lessons may not be right for everyone. Liquid Silver Salsa also provides dance classes in Miami, FL. These classes cover everything from dance basics to choreographing your own routines to styling your own patterns.

We offer dance instruction to dancers of all skill levels. For those who have never danced, we provide an introductory class that will cover all the dance fundamentals. You will learn all the basic dance steps and movements, as well as important turn patterns that will get you started.

Students who are already comfortable with the fundamentals should consider our intermediate class. This class is structured in order to refine your cornerstone techniques and prepare you for more advanced choreography containing multiple turns. The intermediate class will improve the fluidity of your salsa and will increase your overall control.

More advanced dancers who have mastered the beginner and intermediate maneuvers will be interested in our advanced class. Students in the advanced class will learn how to implement difficult movements like rotating cross body into a fluid choreography. This class is focused on expanding your repertoire of salsa techniques, while at the same time teaching you how to improvise your own style into existing dance theory.

We believe that dance is a uniquely honest art form of self-expression, and we would love to teach you how to communicate through your dance.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to receive instruction guided by the modern pioneer of salsa: Liquid Silver Salsa himself. Sign up to dance today!

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